It was delighted to commit "Aya" that the father's father (father) who divorced and remarried at the time of early childhood was not able to do, and the development of the callus was early every day. An adult who becomes an adult meets the fate person and decides marriage. At the end of the marriage, the father-in-law of the father who was married was forced to ask for the character of "aika" quietly. "Aya" who doesn't want to miss the happiness that finally grasped is the day that keeps holding the father-in-law of father-in-law. It is the end of the miserable woman who cannot be run away for two days..
  • Serie:
  • Actress:夢乃あいか
  • NO.:SSNI545
  • Producer:S1
  • Label:S1
  • Duration:120分
  • Publish:Aug. 16, 2019
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