This video is an amateur post sent to SM magazine. ○ This is a post by Mr. Takahashi, an S-man who made Shunna (Kana), a female college student who was her real younger brother of Piepan beauty girl / Haruna (post name) of peeing M, a nugget. When Mr. Takahashi was introduced as a "lover" by his brother for the first time, he was attracted to her because she had been wearing that beautiful girl's body and a thick chalker that only looks like a collar, and it was a reason why they broke up a year ago that led him to become a master-servant. Takahashi initially thought that Haruna’s SM hobbies were the cause of her splitting, but according to her confession while she was pissed off, “When she feels better, there is a habit of leaking peanuts, and I put up with it because I am embarrassed, but the more I stand patient, the more pleasant I feel. I don't like pears, so I gradually avoid sex and..." Mr. Takahashi, the saddist, was not excited to hear such a confession. The sluggishness of his younger brother's ex-girlfriend and the backlash also stimulated him, and he seriously asked me to "give you a disgusting look at Mr. Haruna who is an obsession," and from that day onwards, their relationship with SM began... The beautiful little girl's limbs are superb, embarrassing but trembling with shame, fulfilling the wish that no one could say. look at everything.